Gluten Free Flours and Their Purposes

Have you ever wondered what all of the different gluten free flours are for? Read on and find out!  Brown Rice Flour - Brown rice flour is made from ground unhulled rice kernels and contains healthy bran. It has a richer, nuttier flavor than wheat flour and is the most common of the gluten free flours. Brown rice flour is quite heavy and very fibrous. It works well as a breading or a thickener, but is usually combined with other [...]

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Top Ten Places Gluten Hides

Gluten can be sneaky! Cross Contamination - Cross contamination is a problem that can plague even the most experienced Celiac. Depending on your level of sensitivity, cross contamination can happen even when using a clean surface and clean utensils. Porous surfaces such as wooden cutting boards or cast iron pans should not be trusted; always make sure to keep these items strictly gluten free. Condiments - Condiments can often be treacherous to the gluten free. Glutinous crumbs are easily transferred [...]

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10 Complications of Gluten Consumption in the Gluten Intolerant

Long term gluten consumption in the gluten intolerant can take a serious toll.  Gluten Ataxia - An autoimmune disease that is brought on by the consumption of gluten in people with a genetic predisposition. Symptoms of ataxia include the inability to control the speed or power of movements, inability to speak or form words, and poor coordination. Fertility Problems - Though the link between fertility problems and being gluten intolerant is contested, studies have shown that gluten exposure may be [...]

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