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  • gluten hides 1

Top Ten Places Gluten Hides

Gluten can be sneaky!

Cross Contamination – Cross contamination is a problem that can plague even the most experienced Celiac. Depending on your level of sensitivity, cross contamination can happen even when using a clean […]

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10 Complications of Gluten Consumption in the Gluten Intolerant

Long term gluten consumption in the gluten intolerant can take a serious toll. 

Gluten Ataxia – An autoimmune disease that is brought on by the consumption of gluten in people with a genetic predisposition. Symptoms […]

  • cog11

Gluten Free Mocha Dark Chocolate Cake with Orange Ganache Frosting

Nothing chases away winter dreariness like the rich decadence of chocolate cake! By adding in the bitter warmth of coffee and the brightness of orange, this recipe takes an old stand-by and breathes new life […]

  • gluten-free01-lg

10 Important Things to Know Before Going Gluten Free

Thinking about eliminating gluten from your diet? Make sure you’re well informed before making the change! 

Your Personal Reason for Going Gluten Free – Choosing to cut gluten from your diet is a deeply personal […]