Gluten Free Pie Shells and Pie Dough


No time to whip up that flakey, buttery, instagram-worthy gluten free pie crust? No need, we’ve got you covered! Try our pre-made pie shells (in tin) or our pre-rolled pie dough! #fillerup ;)

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Gluten Free Pie Shells & Pie Dough (All pie shells can be made savory (for quiche!) or sweet, except the vegan shell – only available in sweet version.)

1 regular pie shell (Gluten Free) = $10.00 sweet/ $10.00 savory
1 dairy free pie shell (Gluten Free, Dairy Free) = $10.00 sweet/ $10.00 savory
1 vegan pie shell (Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free) = $11.00 sweet
1 grain free pie shell (Gluten Free, Grain Free) = $11.00 sweet/ $11.00 savory
1 pie dough (Gluten Free) = $8.50 sweet/ 8.50 savory

Additional information

Pie Shells

Vegan Pie Shell, Dairy Free Pie Shell, Grain Free Pie Shell, Pie Dough, Regular Pie Shell

Savory / Sweet

Savory, Sweet


Allergy information: Gluten Free


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