Welcome to Columbia Gorge Gluten Free, an online gluten free bakery in Salem, OR.

Are you looking for delicious, handcrafted, gluten free breads, buns, bagels and pizza crust shipped straight to your door? We’ve got you covered! Columbia Gorge Gluten Free Bakery is a gluten free bakery serving Salem, OR. We are a bakery where everything is made by hand, from scratch, and in small batches. And, all of our baked goods are gluten-free, soy, and dairy-free!

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We handcraft delicious, locally sourced, made-to-order, gluten-free sandwich bread, rustic breads, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, bagels and pizza crust for every day and special occasions. And, most importantly, everything we make is equal to, if not better than, conventional recipes!

Here’s a list of products to easily be ordered online and shipped to your door:

  • Gluten-Free Olive Rosemary Rustic Loaf
  • Gluten-Free Caraway Rustic Loaf
  • Gluten-Free Multigrain Rustic Loaf
  • Gluten-Free Hamburger Buns
  • Gluten-Free Hot Dog Buns
  • Gluten-Free Dinner Rolls & Multigrain Dinner Rolls
  • Gluten-Free Plain Bagels
  • Gluten-Free Everything Bagels
  • 10″ Pizza Crust


When it comes to selecting gluten-free baked goods, we believe that gluten free does not have to skimp on flavor. Many of our customers share with family members that are not gluten intolerant. We often hear from these customers that the the entire family enjoys the taste of each gluten-free recipe the same, if not better, than conventional recipes! We also believe those eating gluten free should enjoy delicious sandwiches on classic bread, tasty buns for BBQ season and seasonal berries in a homemade pie. That’s why we provide fresh, all-natural gluten free baked goods to coffee shops, restaurants…and direct to you!


Columbia Gorge Gluten Free started as a passion project for Teresa Langen, a lifelong baker and food chemist. After personally going gluten free in 2006, Teresa quickly realized how few quality (and tasty) gluten- free baked goods were available in the Pacific Northwest. Teresa spent the next few years experimenting in her home kitchen, discovering her gluten-free gift.

Shortly later, Teresa was selling breads and baked goods to local restaurants and coffee shops, quickly becoming a popular gluten free wholesaler and retailer. Columbia Gorge Gluten Free officially opened its retail location in 2016, then opening a drive-thru in 2017.