We’re working hard on getting the first dedicated gluten free bakery in the gorge ready for business so that we can eat gluten free and local everyday. We’re always excited to support our local community and we couldn’t be happier to report that our first year at the Lyle Chocolate Festival was a great success. It wasn’t just our first year there; it was also the first year the event was held and we hope it continues! From 11 am until 6 pm, the Lyle activity center hosted four amazing chocolate demonstrations from local area chefs, local arts and crafts vendors and of course some incredible food and chocolate vendors.

We can only assume that World Nutella day on February 5th inspired Juliette Pouillon to kick off the demonstrations by showing everyone how to make creamy decadent homemade Nutella. Her wonderful presentation was followed by three other mouthwatering demonstrations by Richard Simpson, Amanda Richards and Cindy Blumel. Thanks to everyone who came to support all the amazing vendors and the Lyle activity center.

One of our chocolate-y contributions this year was a heavenly cream cheese filled chocolate cupcake confection. I couldn’t resist experimenting with this recipe that an old friend had given me years ago. She had grown up with her mother making this homemade, Ding-Dong-like bite of deliciousness and it tasted just as good gluten free as I remember.

Enjoy our chocolate cream cheese cupcake recipe!